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Quick story to remind all of us to be safe

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On my way home from work (for those in central nj area rt1 near lowes threatre in new brunswick) I was riding home in the fast lane just takin it easy because there were alot of cars and I was keeping my distance from the people in front of me. Another biker on a honda cbr 900rr passes me in the next lane(middle lane he was in) and head nods me like hey sup i am like hey whatever, and he speeds away. Well remember I said there were alot of cars... well the cars braked near an exit and he didnt have enough time to stop and clipped a car and I see him flip the bike and he flew and tumbled so many times I lost count. I was only 70ft away when this all happened.I get up to him and i parked my bike to help out. Amazingly he walked away but he didnt have any gear on and the road rash i saw was terrible. His bike was a wreck, oil,gas, coolant leaking all over the place, levers no exsitant and what not. I just wanted to remind everyone there is a time and place to go fast but please be safe and wear GEAR!
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He walked up because of that adrenaline... He's REALLY gonna feel it, along with that road rash being scrubbed, today.
Yea i didnt stay for the ambluance because the car he clipped stopped and i fiqured they could do whatever but my co worker saw him go on scretcher later. All I did was tell him to go sit on the curb and stop pacing because he was so amped up and i moved his bike or what was left of it across 3 lanes to the side.
man that sucks. there was plenty he could have done to prevent the injuries he sustained. you have to be alert to every little detail on the road and not to wear gear is just stupid, and just becuase you have a "race" type bike doesn't mean you should always drive it that way.
Thanks for that reminder!
+100. Wear the gear fellas. It will save you alot of time and pain.
a lot of people where i live dont wear gear either, besides the helmet since its mandatory. i'm geared up all the time. ride safe people.
Nice reminder. Without gear, extreme road rash only is pretty lucky. :cool:
Good example of why to wear gear. I gotta give props to you leck02 for helping out a downed rider, even if he was acting like a total squid. I bet there were a lot of cars that just kept on driving.
Yo thats mad scary esp bc I go to Rutgers in New Brunswick and have traveled down route 1 a lot. He should have known better since its pretty heavy with traffic at times and a lot of on and off ramps for other cagers to drive recklessly. Im glad you were ok and didnt get tempted I know I do at times, but Ill try to keep myself in check.
Thanks for the reminder. I also wonder about the lack of gear among bikers in my area, I personally think the riding gear looks pretty cool.
its not the first time a crash has happened in front of me and i stopped to help people. always have to be safe whether its driving a car or riding a bike.
Even though I would wear gear the majority of the time, I had the bad habbit of sporting a tee-shirt on hot, sunny, Southern California days. Well one day one of my buds went down behind me. At the time he was somewhat of a noob and taking a right turn too fast. He went wide and right into a k rail. When I went back I was amazed to see he was absolutely fine. His gloves, jacket, helmet, and everything else held up fine, to bad the same wasn't true for his bike. Well now I'm geared up ALL THE TIME.
He walked up because of that adrenaline... He's REALLY gonna feel it, along with that road rash being scrubbed, today.
Funny what adrenaline does for you. Good story man. I 2nd your advice!
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