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Quick Tire Question

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I tried a search but i figured this would be more helpful.

One of my friends had a 190/50 in his garage and since my tire is trashed he gave it to me for free. It is a used pilot power from the track and looks in good condition. I would say probably 70% tread left. Is it ok if i run this 190/50 on the rear and the stock dunlop on the front until i can pick up a new front tire.

Bike is an 06 r6

It's probably only going to be on for a short time because i have another friend with two sets of used tires that he doesn't want anymore.

I love free lol
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It'll be fine. I've mixed and matched all kinds of tires through the years and never had any trouble from it, even at the track. The 190/50 will have an effect on your handling, but it won't make the bike unrideable.
thanks man
Yep I agree. It can be done.
I personally don't mix and match. I am "Mr. Consistant" though. So my tires are always a matching pair.

Just know that the angles on the different brand tires are different, so your bike might feel a little unstable into and through turns. That's a normal feeling when riding with non matching tires. (key word Might)
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