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Hi There
well 6 months ago i left my r6 08 in the garage of my house
now 2 weeks ago i tried to used it again but,, surprise!! it dosnt want to
turn on!! the bike didnt make any sound when i tried to start it and the neutral
green light didnt turn on eighter...
so i remove the neutral sensor, and there was the problem... the neutral
sensor was broke so i bought another one and just changed it.. now
my bike shows the neutral light sensor and starts pretty good.. i was about
to go ride around the hood and.. boom!!! it shut off when i put the first gear!!
when that happend i just jumped the wiring of the sidekick stand but the issue still remains,.. it turns off when i try to put the first gear...
i already check all the wiring and everything goes where it goes!
i was following the wiring of the sidekick stand of the bike and everything is
ok and well connected...
so im back again to the neutral sensor...
now i jumped the neutral sensor and the bike runs very well...
it dosent turn off...
what can be wrong with the bike?? the neutral sensor works,,,
without it the bike will not turn on...if i take the bypass off as soon as i put it on first gear it turns off
i want to have my bike legal on the street and i want to fix this issue with out any bypass or any alterations...
does sombody know what else can be wrong with my bike??? what can i do other than bypass or jump the cables ? thanks for ur time guys !
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