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R6 13s Code 22 Erratic error

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R6 13s Getting Code 22 but its erratic.

From cold no yellow light. Go out and do a session and light is on when bike comes in. Now light will come on when powered up or as soon as the engine is started.
Eventually as day goes on , the bike is powered up but the engine will not start. Not a fart.

Have had several sensor's, Have shacked, pulled and checked cabling and terminals. Thinking if was cable/terminals it would be on and off, when bike was being used? Its more of "when the bike is hot" ? as when stood for a while, and back too room temp. Then bike will start.

Its all pointing to the ECU of which is the next step, unless anybody has had this problem, please.
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What is Code 22 in the manual?

EDIT: Whoops... didn't anticipate just how old this thread was.
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