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I want to replace the front brake lines but "strange" enough my bike uses what some brands (Venhill) call a "3 line with a T-piece A".

I said "strange" because I was told that most of the Japanese bikes use an ‘Over the Mudguard’ layout as standard"

I just found out that most of the kits (if not all) that say compatible with R6 2005 use two separate lines (race) which is odd.

I cannot find any front brake line with the 3 line and T layout, however some sellers say this"

"3T= One line from the master cylinder leading to a junction that branches 2 more lines to each caliper. In most cases if your bike originally used this system we will replace it with the 2F system designed for your bike. "

So, although the 3 line T layout seems more sane to me mainly because any cable barely moves while turning the handle bar I would not mind to use a 2F layout if I get the right cable length and make sure they don't get trapped while turning the handlebar.

Please check attached image. The blue layout is what I currently have and the yellow is the 2F that are basically two lines that come from the master cylinder.

Any help and clarification will be very much appreciated.

Thank you.



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None of that is strange. Most bikes don't use the "over the mud guard" layout. Some do, but it isn't really any more common than the tee layout. Most people do replace the original T type lines with a dual line set-up because it eliminates 3 fittings, which are essentially flow restriction points and potential leak points. The tee fixture is also a bit problematic when it comes to filling and bleeding a system because it is a place that tends to trap air. So the dual line system (or 2F) simplifies the system.
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