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ill email my friend in brittish columbia that knows who makes them for the 06-07.
he has one on his kawi zx10r and it is crazy looking, he got his before the dollar went to sh!t tho.
its probably twice as expensive now as it was 1.5 years ago.

Cut corners is what I do
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Okay here is a cheap easy solution wich i´m gonna try next time I am going to a Track day. You need.

1. And old plastic bucket.
2. some pcs. of cloth.
3 lots of tape.

1. I am gonna cut 4 pices out of and old plastic buket in the right size and put the on top of each other 2 by 2 to make them thicker.
2. to protect the nice paint job. put some pices of cloth under the plastic to prevent it from scracthing the paint.
3. Ducttape it all firmly to the side of the tank on top of the exposed areas.

Down side: It will look like shit and your fellow racers will laugh their ass off.

1.Very cheap
2. The plastic should be sufficent to take that vital first hit when the tank hits the asfalt in case of a crash.
3. When finish racing just remove it clean the tank and your bike is a babe magnet again.
4. You will only see flames on your bike if you paint them yourself.

Nope I have no intention of testing if it will work... But if someone is please let me know how it went.

1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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