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Got a few questions before deciding wich bike to get. Does the R6 have the capibilities to do good freeway wheelies without using the clutch? When i worked at the motorcycle dealership i rode quit a few newer R6's and had the chance to take them for rides and wheelies in 1st were easy but never had the time to do 2nd gear. I dont like the idea of using the clutch, it just seems more dangerous to me. I also got to ride quit a few R1's ranging from 01-04 and like those just as much as the 6 but i know the R1 has the power to come up on the freeway without using the clutch.
Also, if i do decide to get the 6 is there anything else that the R1 is better for or has advantages over besides being a little quicker?

Dont wory i wont be doing these wheelies on the freeway for quit a while or goffing off because 1- I lost my job due to getting injured and wont be able to buy one till late this year (or maybe waiting for an 05R6) and 2- want a bit more experience before doing faster wheelies or pushing the envelope.

Thanks guys/gals, and keep it rubber side down!
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