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Hi guys. So I bought a few months back a 2006 R6, in which the dealership told me the previous owner had replaced the baffle in the stock exhaust (Now after changing the stock exhaust and replacing it with a two brothers slip on), i realized he had replaced the CAT with a mid pipe. These are the symptoms prior to replacing the old exhaust.

If i would stall the bike, i would try to restart it and it would start, but as soon as i let go of ignition, it would shut off, as if it couldn't hold the idle. I would have to start it and give it gas, to keep it from shutting off, but when i stopped that it would shut off again. ( ONLY HAPPENS WHEN I STALL IT)

Also, the bike doesn't start like most r6 I see on youtube. Those just start right up, like if it had a battery on steroids. Mine hesitates and then eventually starts lol.

And yes, it still does it with the two brothers slip on exhaust. No power commander installed.

Thanks for the feedback guys! Ride safe.
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