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R6 inside

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Alright, so I live in Boulder CO, and it gets pretty damn cold and snowy here during the winter. I was wondering if there are any problems or safety issues w/ putting my bike inside my house in a pair room over the winter. Of course i'd leave mats down for fluid drips (hope there aren't any). Anyways, what do you guys know about this? I'd love to be able to take her out on nice days this winter.
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I live in an apartment and I pull the bike into the living room every night
i have a buddy who keeps his honda f3 in his house and has never had i problem with it and hes been doing it for about 5 years. :!:
i park mine in the basement and i have no problems at all....other than losing the space. but i like it there cuz i have a heated space to do the winter repairs/mods that im dont do in the summer.
Park mine in the dining room of my apartment every night.
depending on building codes in your area....it may be illegal due to being to close to an open flame...water heater....gas stove...fireplace...etc.
thanks for the replies, i'll be parking the R6 in the spare room for the winter and getting her ready for the road next season. i'm stoked!
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