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I dont have this kit, but here is what a race it will do for you. Bottom end(what you use on the street in town) will suffer. Mid range (where you are on the highway) probably wont change too much. High end (where street riders legally shouldnt be :mrgreen: will have some gains.

It includes cams, so that means the bike will feel definately at home way up the rev band like on a track, and it wont really feel any different where you normally ride. Cams will generally give you gains in one area with losses in another. Finding the right compromise is the trick.

Spark plugs are items that should be replaced every other year anyway. It has a new CDI box, so they changed the fuel and spark to match the cams and filter. You will feel the most with this kit if you also buy a full header and exhaust system. (GYT-R will work the best in this case). The biggest thing is that for the extreme money they charge for this, and the fact that you have to pull the engine to do it makes this an upgrade not really worth it for the street unless you do track time as well.

Maybe someone who does track time can tell you more about how this will feel. Just my two cents.....
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