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I'm going to guess that the GYTR = Get Yours To Race
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Yeah if they were still producing light-colored 4th-Gens I'd have one by now. I rode all hours, weather so aren't looking for black/grey or mono-headlight machines. These are starting out at street-ready YZF-R1 prices. Presumably it's not just sourcing the lights and emissions equipment, but also the electronics and wiring harnesses to support the additions. Add to that, you're already paying a premium for the fact that it has very limited production.

I vowed never to get an R1 because speed wise, as bad as an R6 is for the street, an R1 is much worse; much more torquey on top of the additional power. However given how stripped down the R7 is, I've been wondering whether it's possible to just keep the R1 turned-down with it's third and fourth riding mode setting, or maybe getting an R7 then swapping over the entire R6 front-end. R7 is supposedly narrower so compatibility is even more at question. Regarding R1, I've not seen any later model R1 with a high visibility color scheme. R6 and R7 by contrast are available with high visibility schemes.
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