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I have accumulated too much in the way of spare/extra gear so I am cleaning out the closet/gear bag.................these gloves all fit me the same even though they are L and XL depending on brand. I think I have them priced very good and shipping if needed will be extra. I plan on doing a few days at Blackhawk, Road America and possibly Autobahn CC yet this season so I can bring them with for a cash sale. I'm located in Richmond, IL 60071
If you need anymore pics/info shoot me an e-mail at [email protected]

Cortechs and Fieldsheers are SOLD SOLD SOLD..........make me an offer on the Alpinestars, they are just sitting on a shelf, someone out there can use them!

One pair of Alpinestars SP1 gloves, black/blue, size XL, these gloves have some normal wear & tear. The blue leather/rubber on the cuff has come a little loose ( unglued ) from the velcro and the knuckle protectors are a little beat up but have never been down - they are solid and safe gloves. $35.00

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