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Awesome Race Videos from Roebling Road.

here's a little report of my weekend.

Saturday: I got to the track around 7am, went to registration, tech and then started working on the bike.
The first time I went out was crap, my gearing was wrong and the suspension didn't feel good.
I changed my gearing and went out for another 2 sessions and I was only able to run flat 16's, I wasn't happy at all because the bike wasn't turning and holding lines. Practice was over so my girlfriend and I left the track to go meet some of my friends at the beach... we had a few beers and food and then went to the hotel room to get some sleep ;)

Sunday: I made some changes on the front suspension and also the rear shock. I went out for practice and the bike felt a lot better.... once again I was only able to run flat 16's but this time I knew I had more.

600 Superstock: I put on a brand NEW front and a rear take off. I got a bad start but didn't lose 2 many positions.
I ran 5th for most of the race while the top 4 riders kept passing each other at almost every other turn!
We all ran side by side in the first 2-3 laps but Tim Hunt and Kris Turner just got away from James Chance, Josh Hunter and Me.
I finished 4th .090 behind James Chance.

600 Superbike: I put on another rear take off but this one wasn't really that good! I couldn't really exit T2, 8 and 9 which really hurt me... I took the lead on the first lap by breaking really deep going into T1... Josh hunter passed me in T1 during the 2nd lap.
I passed him back on the very next lap and kept first until D-wire came by me in T1 on the very last lap... Man that was close, I knew that I had nothing for him... He was much faster than me so I just had to settle for 2nd place.

I'm not really happy with the way I ran this past weekend, I'm just happy to be back home in one piece!

600 Superstock:

600 Superbike:
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