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Racing 905 stunt cage

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I want a Racing 905 cage for my 08 r6s. Will a cage off a 03 to 05 r6 fit it? Everything else is the same so i assume the cage will work.
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Im not real big on the other cages. I really like the 905 and I know they are tough because ive got a couple of buddies that have them.
i just looked at the sickinnovations site and they have nothing for 06 and up parts for r6's
Ive got an 05 cage on my r6s. It works real good
powersstuntworx.com nuff said... they had one for my 06 r6 in less than a year....

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Freestyle Ingenuity is what I have on mine. I love it. Easy to remove if u wanna go do some deep cornering...

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Thats a good looking bike youve got there. I'm not big on the freestyle igenuity cages but it looks good on yours
Thanks man!
How loud is you exhaust? my cousin has a bike like yours but bone stock and he wants a pipe but doesnt want it to be insanely loud
two bros is prettttty loud... lol here's a clip:

Two Bros Slip-ON:

Two Bros Slip-ON + T-Tuner midpipe:
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