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Hey everyone-
there is a post I have about my buddy that went down just over a week ago. He was on an R1, and hit the back of a car on a highway here in Dallas. Detectives approximate the speed at roughly 120mph. Although at fault, they think that a car moved into the lane he was planning on using to pass in, and he tried to split the cars, clipping the rear of one.

Anyway, he is still in ICU and still in a coma. He has a shattered ankle, shattered wrist, and busted knee, along with small spots of bad road rash. He was wearing gear, which saved his life and much of his skin...but the neurosurgeans say the damage to the brain is quite severe and we just don't know if he will get any better than he is right now.

There is a handful of us in the DFW area that ride as a small group, and Keith was part of that, as are a few from this board. (TexasR6, Loki, DangerousR6, DJ, Ninja316, and a few others.)

We have been brainstorming ideas for a fund raiser for the family, as the bills are going to be outrageous Im sure, since he was Care Flight'd from one hospital, been in the number one Trauma Center in the US for over a week, he totaled a BMW on impact, the bike gone of course...and numerous other things. We have decided on trying to sell raffle tickets for a new R6. Need to go talk to a Yamy Dealership about buying a bike at cost, or at a promo/donate rate, and see if they will work this for us at all. We are thinking of having like $20 or $25 tickets.

Also, just wanted yalls opinion on that, or other options, or ideas, or better ideas if anyone has them. Or any suggestions are welcomed as well. Thanks yall....this place rocks, so I knew I could come to my brothers (and a few sistas) for some help :mrgreen:

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cobravenom39 said:
I'm so sick of hearing about people pulling in front of us I wanna spit.
Well, I don't find it very hard to accidentally pull out in front of a bike going 120. You can't see a bike going that fast in traffic and traffic isn't the place to be going 120 mph.
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