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Rear Wheel Alignment

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I have noticed that I have to counterlean my body to the left when i let go of the handles and sit back. So I rechecked my alignment based off the factory alignment marks and the same thing gotta lean left to keep bike straight when going hands free. So i did some searching and found a way to "string" the alignment, I did it and it showed that the alignment was off by 1/8" based of the alignment marks, but was true by the string method. I took the string off nad did it again and ended up with the same result. So i test rided it and it tracked straighter with no hands. So my question is...How far off can the factory alignment marks be? Basically the right side falls on the first mark dead on, and the left side show 1.5 marks. Basically 1/8" difference.
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Nobody aligns the rear wheel???
Somebody who tracks there bike has gotta have some info on this
I stick a screw driver in the rear teeth, roll it back and tighten it. its a method, and it works for me.
Between the allowable tolerances for the forks, front wheel, frame, swingarm, rear wheel, etc, you can be up to a 1/4 inch off with your front/rear tracking. If you're that worried about it, it costs about 400 bucks to put a bike on a frame machine and get it perfect. If you just use the string method and it works though, I wouldn't worry about it.
I just want to make sure my rear wheel is straight thats all, I just thinking about if the wheel is out of alignment a bit could it affect handling different from left to right turns, since I am going to a track day very soon.
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