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Removing Tire From Rim

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Hey there, i have all the tools necessary to remove my tire from the rim...except one. What would you guys advise to use to protect the rim from my tire levers?? I was told that the $5 plastic guards are junk. Any advice?
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If you check youtube there are a couple of videos on this.
a black sharpie does the trick until the next tire change...
I've used my buddies No-Mar changer with the demount bar and the plastic clamps you put on the rim as you move around. No scratchs on the rim, works great. Mega $$$$. He said you can buy the Harbor Freight changer and just buy the bar from No-Mar and have pretty close to the same setup for a lot less money.
or you could just find a shop thats cool and kick the guy a six pack for his troubles... otherwise, the plastic things work, they are just a pain in the ass.
i have the harbor freight tire changer. works decent. i bought the tire clamps the "extra hands" they hold the bead down below the rim, helps when mounting. im going to buy the no mar mount/demount bar sometime. but thats a $100 bucks.
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