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removing your mirrors?

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Since I took my mirrors off for the track day, I have not missed them. So where is a good place ot buy the metal covers for the holes that were left?

How much do they go for?
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anybody ever run "barend" mirrors on a 6 ???
likes and dislikes please :idea:
bar-end mirrors???

You should get one of those little mirrors that bicycle riders mount on their helmets too

They both look goofy
if you put bar-end mirrors on a MOTORCYCLE you should be shot in the HEAD!!!! can we say GHETTO?!?!?!?! :throwup

NO dont hold back let me know how ya really feel !! :throwup
so would this be ok in da ghetto ??

hope they are not too big a file :)
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no ....no bike is ok GHETTO....well unless you are GHETTO! ARE YOU?

can you splain your version of ghetto ?? i just like things to look clean...
you might as well get a pink bike and put some tassils on the bar-ends!!! :cuss :cuss :cuss :cuss :cuss :cuss :cuss :cuss :cuss :cuss :cuss :cuss :cuss :cuss :cuss :cuss :cuss

Hey rpmr6
Nice swinging arm & wheels, but that chain is far to slack. If I were you I'd sort it and QUICK :hammer
Got these on eBay. They're pretty solid. You just have to buy new hardware to install them.


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