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I had a good time up in laconia. Took friday off from work and left quincy, ma with my friend. we left around 1100 am and got there at 130 pm, making one rest stop. checked into the hotel, we stayed at the margate and this place was great.

first thing we did was head to weirs beach for some lunch, and there were a ton of bikes already down there, mostly harleys and custom bikes, few crotch rockets. after lunch we rode route 11 to gunstock and alton bay, then turned around and headed back to the hotel. it was getting late so we got some beer and went back to the hotel. we decided to get ripped the first night and cab it, and ride the second night. we got so hammered at the hotel, each drank a six pack, went to the bar on the lake and had dinner. called a cab at about 9pm, cab didn't come till 10pm because there were 4 cabs in the town. so we sat at the bar and drank for an hour.

finally got down to weirs beach and went to the smoklehouse, drank lots of yagermister and rebbulls. we partied there then went to the paradise beach club and the band was great, played godsmack and rage, music along those lines. now we are pretty much fucked up, drank more there, then waited a 1/2 hour for a cab back. we got back to the hotel and beat each other up in the hotel room we were so drunk. i couldn't tell you much about the bikes and shit cause we were hammered.

next day felt fine, drank a ton of water b4 goin to bed, got up at 830 am . had breakfast and we headed out to weirs beach. we rode around alot and there were tons and tons of bikes out. lots of crotch rockets too. at about 100 pm we took of for the kengamengus highway at loon mountain, and rode that. all i can say is wow, it carves though the white mountains, twisies, hills, ponds, rivers and 38 miles. some turns there were no gaurd rails and cliffs on the edge. it was alot of fun cruzing through there. definately reccomend it. we headed back down 16, to rt 25 to rt 3 and stopped at harts turkey farm for dinner, yummy.

that night we rode out to weirs beach and around laconia, but there were less bikes out than during the afternoon. not too much craziness or anything.

sunday morning we took off for hampton beach and that was it.

all in all i saw alot of cool bikes and did 500 miles of sweet ass riding around nh roads. i was hoping to see some fights, crazy shit, girls flashing titties, but i guess thats the next weekend. this was my first time up there for bike week and i can't wait to head back.

i have some pics, mostly of the kengamengus highway, ill get those up tonight.
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