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I've seen older threads where the discussion of QS and auto-blippers have come up before. It was quite the education, as I knew nothing of these before.

Never seen one, never used one, don't know anyone who has. I've been out of motorcycling for over 10 years. But the idea intrigues me greatly :)

So far, I'm leaning towards the translogic systems based on the reviews, videos and posts here.

But that means I need to get both a quick-shifter (for upshifts, i didn't get the factory option) and an auto-blipper for downshifts, right?

The other option i see is the flash-tune (https://ftecu.com/shop/category/quickshifters/) which seems to be both up and down in a single unit, but i've seen some posts here that indicate they can be problematic.

Does anyone have any additional info or opinion they can add to our collective knowledge?

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