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hey all-
on Friday night a really good friend of mine went down. He hit the rear passenger corner of a car at estimated speeds of 120mph. The impact was great enough that it sent the car spinning and witnesses say it lifted the rear end. He went down, slid quite a ways, and then the bike burst into flames.

He was careflighted to a trauma center in Dallas (on of the best in the nation) and is, at this exact moment, in an induced coma, and has not take a breath on his own yet. He has a shattered ankle, knee, and wrist. He has multiple cuts and tons of rash. He was wearing an Arai helmet, and it was shattered. He had on boots and mesh gear with gloves.

Today, I went to hang out at the hospital and actually was let in to see him. It was the most disturbing thing for a rider to see. A buddy of mine weven thought we were in the wrong room. He was a mess, and knowing that he isn't breathing on his own and that he is in a coma, it tore me up.

Please pray for him or at least send a good vibe his way. He needs all he can get right now!

The bike (R1) was a total loss. No other injuries in the accident.
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