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Finally, the new riding season is near. Couldn't have waited any longer.
This one will be at Cresson, TX.
The RideSmart school (www.ridesmart.info) is hosting a track day on Feb 11.

It is a 1.7mi course, in CC direction. Here is the track web site:

The school provides dinner the night before the event, and also provides lunch and drink on the day of the event.
So if you ever wanted to attend, now is your chance. That track kicks arse, and is great for any caliber of bike.
They also have on-site photographer, who takes some of the best pics you will ever get.

So sign up as there will be many track starved bodies trying to get in.
Hope to see you all there. If you have any questions about this, let me know. Maybe I will have an answer for you. Thanks.
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