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Yep, looked like Chirs Brown had his way with this bike then left her partially buried in the Alaska winter. I had to dig her out of snow and ice just to get her in the truck. Anyway, this is an 04 R6, the same as my very first bike just over 10 years ago. I left my Ducati in the lower 48 and while I was still leary about riding in Alaska, I needed to get my hands on some wheels and at least turn some wrenches. Thus began my labor of love over the last year and a half. Just about everything on the bike is new. There wasn't much I could repair it was so bad.

You can see from the pics that the front fairing stay was completely broken off the steering head and most of the fairings were also broken. It really was a miracle that they stayed on at all. The previous owner confessed he'd laid it down once and so had his buddy whom he bought it from. Judging by the damage I'd say it's been down at least three times. I even found a cigarette butt under the seat, next to the ECU!

So I wanted to document this as I went here on the forums but I couldn't size the pics down. So I used iPhoto to create a slideshow/website for you guys to check it out. Ok, finally done! Well, mostly. Sorry I haven't been able to post pics of the progress; I just wasn't able to size them for the forum. But I've got them posted up in a slide show https://www.icloud.com/iphoto/projects/#7;CAEQARoQh9puM6oieKAtTH1wWIb0qg;4CDDBCFD-7BBE-4857-B5FA-22ECF8444010

And here's a list of the repairs I made from memory. I'll come back and update it after I go through my receipts again.

Redrill/retap/replace swingarm spools
New All Balls rear wheel bearings
New rear wave rotor
New rear 48T RK sprocket
New chain RK 520 conversion
New front 15T RK sprocket
Vortex rearsets
Galfer rear steel braided lines (the muddy water pic is the old brake fluid...)
DynoJet QuickShifter
Yoyodyne slipper clutch
Graves rear brake return spring
Ohlins rear shock with remote preload adjuster
Akrapovich full exhaust
PCIII updated with QS
Oil & filter change
Woodcraft left and right engine covers
Replaced front rotors with OEM
Galfer front steel braided lines
Vortex clipons
CRG full length levers
Universal front brake fluid reservoir
Replaced Xentec HID light with SportBikeLites HID light
Replaced front fairing stay
New All Balls front wheel bearings
Revalved/resprung front forks with RaceTech rebound valve and springs
Hotbodies undertail with LED blinkers
Hotbodies flush mount front blinkers
Factory-painted fairings and clear windscreen from Superbikefairings
Scots steering damper
K&N air filter
Patched/painted fuel tank to match
Painted undertail to match
Multiple replacement fasteners from ProBolt and BikeBolts

And I have to give a shout out to one of our site sponsors, HardRacing. The vast majority of the parts I ordered came from them. Having an account with them with repeat customer discounts, dedicated specific-bike parts pages, and excellent customer service was top notch. After the first couple parts I would always start looking on their site because 9 times out of 10 they had what I was looking for and at a good price. This is not a paid ad and I wouldn't normally do this, but if you knew how much time I spent/saved hunting for parts over the last 17 months you'd get it.

Also, thanks to this forum. I ran into a number of snags along the way and you guys helped me figure it out (if you ever plan on revalving your forks, or changing the wheel bearings yourself, ask me how much a pain it can be). Along those lines, if anyone is planning on doing any of the mods I've done or wants a specific product review, let me know. If I had the time I could write a book on all the lessons learned, bloody knuckles, spilt fluids, etc. So thanks, and enjoy the show!

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Thanks! Yep, she's up and running great. The QS needs a little adjusting but that will wait till I get on track. And I'll probably get the engine dyno-tuned. But I've been riding for about a week and no problems at all.
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