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The RK chain tool quickly and easily breaks 520, 525, and 530 chain. Easily press-fits tight tolerance O-ring chain sideplates to the correct depth for clip or rivet link installation. Flares RK's special pin hole rivet links to the proper dimension to secure sideplates in place. Works on most brands.

I've used this tool on many a chain kits I've installed with great success. It's a solid tool and individual parts can be reordered from RK direct. It works well and is reliable enough for me to offer them to you guys and gals. It's nice how it presses the whole link on in one shot.

In my ongoing effort to bring good stuff at a great value to the forum, I am stocking and slingin' these bad boys on the regular now. Come at me bros. :flex:

Retail pricing of $129.95

Click the contact link in my signature for quickest response. Phone number is also on the website too. PM's work but not very efficiently!

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