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Rpm slight sputter/surge problem

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So with my 2004 R6 having a slight problem with the RPM's. It happens no matter if the bike is warm or cold. Theres a slight sputter/surge of the rpms when sitting at idle, or going very slow in first gear. Its maybe a jump of 200-300 rpms. No pc3 or exhaust, engines stock. Running premium gas all the time only, this tank added some seafoam to clear out any bad gas(used it on my car before and was a tip from another forum). Only 3k miles on the bike, but probably going to replace the plugs, air/fuel filter to see if that fixes the problem. The bike has never died or anything like that, runs like a champ, never backfired. Happens randomly, sometimes it will sputter worse than others, I didn't notice it when I was inspecting/test riding it and it was running for probably 10 minutes infront of me. It is very clearly heard since the idle isnt smooth. Its not really effecting how the bike runs its just an annoying problem. Anyone got any suggestions about it?

Heres a crappy cell phone video of it, couldn't get a good vid of it but it gets the point across.
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