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Safe to ride?

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I posted this in the mechanical section but I want to know if I should stop riding or is it safe for now. Basically I think my taming chain is rattling if that makes sense.

"So I have an annoying loud clank in my engine, right lower side. It comes and goes and sometimes i hear it while driving around 40-50mph. My mechanic thinks it the chain/rubber tension thingy. Sorry for the lack of correct terms. If these items are bad where can I get the parts and what parts should I get for proper maintenance. Thanks."
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i think your referring to the timing chain tensioner?......itll probably be expensive and it requires a motor teardown, riding it may cause the chain to skip if you ride it hard and then you could have problems, basially, itll have to be fixed eventually so just do it now
get it fixed otherwise it might end up being a costlier repair bill later..
Great, just great I'm on my way to drop it off at the shop and my rear tire loses all it's air a block away from my house......
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