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Hey, all,

Sorry to post here if the moderators think it's the wrong area, but, since what I am looking for pertains ultimately to bike maintenance, I thought this would be the most appropriate area.

I did do a search of the entire site, but wasn't able to find the relevant info., so I am left starting a new thread.

So, here's what I'm hoping that the more experienced riders in the forum can help with:

1) With affordability in mind, what are the best (quality, integrity, turnaround, etc.) mechanics/shops in the San Fernando Valley (or as near as possible to it) where you have had your R6 worked on?

2) Again, with affordability in mind, what is the best means of replacing tires?

Is it a) to find a good, reasonably priced tire place on the web, order them, and then have them installed locally (in which case, where would be the best places in the San Fernando Valley [or thereabouts] to have this done?), or b) to locally buy and have installed the tires from the same shop (also, in which case, where would be the best places in the S.F. Valley or near?)?

Thanks much in advance.

P.S.: There are quite a few riders in the S.F. Valley, and, if this thread can result in the disclosure of some solid and affordable mechanics and tire places, I think it may help many of us.
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