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Scorpio false alarm?

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I've had Scorpio alarm installed for couple days now and it seemed to be working fine when one day it gave off an false alarm! It was sitting in my garage and all of sudden it was beeping frantically. On my pager/remote it said "battery low" but it wasn't low at all also my bike has only been sitting in the garage for 1 day and half after riding so that battery wasn't low either! When I tried to disarm the bike it just wouldn't let me so I had no choice but to take the whole unit off from the bike! Has anyone else experienced this before?
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i install alarms, but i havnt delt with the Scorpio alarm yet, if you know for sure the pager had a good battery, and you didnt acidently hit a button then i would say the pager is bad, the only thing i would try is putting a new battery in just to see. plus if the pager was acting up taking the battery out would reset it....
That's weird. I've never heard of that happening. I've dealt with a couple of 'em now, and they all work just fine. Maybe a defective unit? Call up Scorpio and talk to them about it. I've always found them very helpful and willing to work with you.
recheck all the points, perhaps disconnect/reconnect the units....

my bro had a similar prob with alarm in his car... turned out to be the unit gone faulty
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