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does anyone have a scorpion exo-400 warhawk helmet? i saw it online at this website http://scorpionusa.com/products/exo400_warhawk.html and thought the silver one look pretty cool, but i haven't heard much about that brand. if you guys know anything about it, like comfort, quality or whether its quiet or noisy when riding or anything else, please let me know. i would appreciate any input. thanks guys.

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they are new so they dont hav a folowing. They dont fog....ever, arai and shoei do. They have supreme venting. They are snell and DOT approved. In a year or so they will be more know, and more expensive. Look in the for sale forums I have a couple for sale. CHEAP

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I have the EXO-700 Geronimo in black & white.
I like the helmet alot, fits snugly for my shape of head next to
my Arai Corsair. The quality and finish is damn close to the Arai
and Shoei! It might be a few notches below but still higher quality
than HJC, KBC or the other cheaper brands out there.

And yes, the shields "NEVER, NEVER" fogs up.
The venting are also nice since they actually work.
And did I mention the shields never gets scratched too?
I tested them out accidentally when I was opening my garage door,
I had the shiled flipped up and scarped the bottom of the door.
There was marks left over and I thought they were scrapes...
it was the paint that came off teh door!

Great value for the price, quality close to Ara or Shoei!
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