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Scotts damper 1/2 bolt?

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Hey everyone, I was looking at purchasing a stabilizer, finally, and came across a couple here.



One for a 06-08 R6 2 bolt, and another for a 06-07 R6 1 bolt. Both listings have the same description, not a whole lot of help, neither was the response I received from their store. I have an 06 R6R, just need to know which one to go for. Thanks!
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I would make sure with the seller, but I have an 08 with the scotts damper, and the front cover on my tank has a single bolt that holds it down. So for the damper rod there are a total of three bolts one that holds down the tank cover, and then two bolts that are drilled into the frame. So I would assume that the 08 would be the single bolt, not sure how the tank cover is on the 06. I would say go for the one listed for the 06-07 if the one in the pic looks like it would fit, because the 08 does not look like the one in the pic.
so.... you have to drill the frame for the two outboard mount bolts, right?
Yeah the damper comes with a punch, drill bit, and tap. It is really easy to install.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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