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If anybody knows of a inexspensive way (rather than bying a new fairing) to get some scratches out of the fairing, please share with me.

The scrathes are not deep into the plastic, and would like it to look as good as possible with out purchasing OEM fairing. PLEASE HELP!

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You can either buy some rubbing compound (like Meguiars Diamond) and buff it yourself by hand, or you can take it to a detailing shop and have them do a nice detail on it. Depending on how deep the scratches are, just a little detailing could make it as smooth as glass. If they're REALLY deep, then you might need to take it to a body shop, and have them repainted. If it's actually to the point where it's damaged the plastic, I'd just get a new one because you'll basically never get it to look perfect without fillers and things that you just don't want to use.
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