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I recently had the copshop return to me my haggard 99' R6...it is running like shit. Sounding terrible. Always was going to see horrid after I made the move to an '07 r6 in perfect condition, then returned to the saddle of the old nag.

Yet still, I was taken aback by its shocking sound and awful low down in the revs performance.

I was broaching the matter with a friend and when I mentioned that the pig****ing thieving scum cunts had removed the baffles from the exhaust he explained that could be why the bike sounds and runs bad now.

The carbs were balanced late last year. He explained to me that the carbs would be unbalanced as soon as the baffles were removed as the back pressure will have changed completely.

does this make sense??

My pal is happy to take the thing apart and give the carbs a good clean, maybe help me fill the stock exhaust with iron wool as replacement baffles...just seems a tough job as there are rivets!
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