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I think he found one in Ohio. Kinda sux, that means I'll have to go on a 10+ hour drive here soon.

As far as driving, i suppose he'll travel up to 10 hours or so. That makes it to the MN/Canada border to the north. Denver area to the west, have no idea how far that is to the south into Missourri etc. and Cinncinatti area to the east.

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Theres a silver one for sale near Chicago

Around 7gs

It has been down though, the guy who used to own it went down doing a wheelie on the highway and lost some body parts so he sold the bike to a dealer

The body plastic has been replaced and it looks good but i havent ridden it.

It has

An aftermarket shock

Wave rotors

SS brake lines

Shotgun carbon exhaust (kinda ugly but it sounds ok)

Seat cowl

Dampener i think

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