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alright guys time to submit is over and it's time to decided who's bike is worthy enough of ROTM!!

here's the deal, we have never had so many people submit, so i have to make two voting threads!! because a poll will only let me put 10 choices, so i will put 6 of them in here and 6 of them in
here: http://www.r6-forum.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1737281#post1737281


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Here is my 2007 Yamaha R-6 that I purchased from a race team and made it into a street bike that will eventually see some track days.

2007 R6
Engine/Performance Mods
AMA SS motor
Bazzaz Z-Fi TC w/map and traction switches
Bazzaz Z-AFM
YEC ECU (reflashed)
AIS block offs
BMC race air filter
Leo Vince Corsa Titanium full system w/Jett Hot coated header (black)
Perormance and Appearance Mods
Ohlins 25 mm cartrudges
Ohlins TTX rear shock
GPR steering damper
CRG SS clutch perch/lever and matching brake lever
Carrozzeria Wheels
Bridgestone BT-003 R/S tires
Braketech Cobra SS floating rotors
Galfer rear wave rotor
Galfer motoGP front lines and matching rear line
Vesrah RJL brake pads
Lightech rear sets
Driven axle block sliders
Attack Performance stand mounts
Gilles ACM axle nut
R & G toe guard
R & G exhaust slider
Motovation axle sliders
Motovation frame sliders
clutch slider
Cox radiator guard
Vortex fuel cap
Dan Kyle clip ons
Robby Moto quick turn throttle assembly
Driven 520 sprockets w/RK red chain
Woodcraft case covers
Lightech bolt kit (black)
OEM all gloss black bodywork
Twilltech tank cover
Crown Moto ram air covers
Crown Moto tank covers
Proton turn signals
Integrated tail light
Passenger Pegs w/LEDs
Scorpio i900 alarm
Titanium rotor and caliper bolts


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Here's my baby. Every last screw and upgrade was done by myself and no one else. I've had her since 2003 straight out of a crate. She's had bad days but she makes it threw them. i love her..:love


Year: 2003
Model: R6
Engine Performance Mods:

Graves smog off plates
Graves velocity stacks
BCM Filter
Leo Vince full race exhaust
Barnett Clutch Kit

Custom painted RED White Valencia fairings
Vortex 520 sprockets
RK Chain
WoodCraft left and Right engine covers for the trackdays
Pazzo levers
Lightech bar ends
Lightech rear sets
Lightech gas gap
Lightech oil fill and drain caps
Lightech licence plate holder and tag light
Lightech front blinkers
Lightech swingarm spools
Intergrated rear brake light Dr.X
Custom quad head lights. Just like my 08 R1. 2 inner low beam all 4 on for hi's
Braking Waved rotors
EBC pads
No cut frame sliders
Galfer steel lines
Scotts Lifetime oil filter
Puig Dark Smoke Double Bubble Windscreen
Polished wheels done by me!


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Carbon Fiber Windscreen (gold fairing spike accent)
Carbon Fiber Lightech Mirrors
Carbon Fiber Front Fender
Carbon Fiber Nose
Carbon Fiber Air Duct Covers
Carbon Fiber Tank Cover
Carbon Fiber Tank Side Panels
Carbon Fiber Upper, Mid, & Lower Fairings
Carbon Fiber Upper & Lower Tail section
Carbon Fiber Rear Hugger
Carbon Fiber Chain Guard
ASV C5 shorty levers
Dragon Gold Rearsets
HardRacing Pro Railz
Akrapovic Carbon Slip On
520 EK Gold Chain
Black Driven Sprockets -1+2
Speedo DRD
Agg Forum Sock
Motodynamic Smoked Sequential Tail Light w Relay
Blacked Out Gas Tank
Mobil 1 synthetic w/ K&N filter
BMC Air Filter
Avon Storm ST rubber
Fender Eliminator

Soon To Be Installed:
Olson Performance Y
Driven D3 grips w spiked bar ends

My bike is not finished but you all know that I have been working hard on my bike trying to make it unique and one off.I would not have been able to do everything I have without the help of you fellow forum members. I really don't think i can get rid of it so I came to the conclusion that unless someone offers me at least $8k for it (which wont happen) she will be converted to be a straight track bike for next season. I don't know if I really deserve ROTM because of all the other nice bikes here but Im gonna try so thanks for looking and God bless!

CHEERS :cheers


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Well I figured I would enter mine as this is the last chance while she is still in my possession. Many of you know, but I am sure some don't...I wrecked at road atlanta and she got totaled out by my insurance company. Right now she sits in my garage looking like a used up condom after a long night of getting it. Luckily I didn't have any of the carbon or headlights on it at the track. So here are a few of the pics I have before she died. I only had the carbon and lights installed for a month or two before the track day, so the pictures are limited. I also never installed all the carbon at the same time. I liked to mix and match it as pleased. This was the test bike to create all the carbon for us 08-11 R6V's. My bike was naked for over a year to get the molds made for the carbon. I have been waiting for a very long time to submit my bike for this thread. It was like every mod I installed, I would say one step closer! :lmao Though she wasn't done, the recent events force me to.DO NOT GIVE ME SYMPATHY VOTES. This is for the cleanest, sickest, most original bike out of the bunch; end of story.

I purchased this bike new in July of 2008. I remember sitting at the house seeing a Yamaha commercial with a slogan stating if you don't do it now, you never will. I usually blow marketing off but I took this one to heart. I had sold my previous bike a few months back and was getting the itch...this just pushed me to take the plunge. This was my first fuel injected sports bike. I owned a Honda CBR F3 before, but that thing had nothing on the 6. I immediately went head first into making her my own. After a loving two years of ownership and a few track days, this is what she amounted to.

2008 Yamaha YZFR6W(C) Liquid Silver

Performance Modifications:
Leo Vince full system with carbon fiber can
BMC air filter
Scotts steering stabilizer
Bazzaz ZFI Fuel controller
Bazzaz ZAFM self mapper
Graves smog block off plates
Fren Tubo carbon fiber front and rear brake lines (Alvin is awesome!)
Regina Z 520 chain
Driven front and rear sprockets -1 +2 (Thanks Justin!)
Speedo healer
Stomp Grip (black)
OES frame and spool sliders
Advanced Performance Accessories exhaust slider
Continental Race Attack tires
Porsche Dot 4 brake fluid
Castrol Power RS R4 4T engine oil

Appearance Modifications :
ASV gold with black adjuster shorty levers
Driven grips
Puig Z racing dark smoke wind screen
Deep tuck fender eliminator with LED tag lights
Flush mount dark smoke front signals
Rear passenger peg turn signals. Back and side with amber LEDs
Custom projector headlights using Acura TL projectors with high and low cutoff (allows both on at all times; never set it up like this though)
DDM 5K HIDs with yellow angel eyes
Crown Moto FULL carbon body work. Everything except the gas tank.
Yellow John Deere "good luck" o-ring on the left bar end
R6-forum sock


http://www.facebook.com/#!/video/?of=503799101 (second is a nice exhaust sound clip. A fly by in the triple digits :fact)

Might want to look here too :sing

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Figure i'de do it for fun, plus it's a good reason to show it off.

2008 R6s

Block off plates
BCM filter
06+ shorty pipe

Powdercoated rearsets/ passenger pegs
flush mounts
fender eleminator


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doubt it'll happen but why not try?

Year: 2007
Model (R6, R6S): R6
Engine Performance Mods (i.e. exhaust, PC3, etc.):
-MJS midpipe
-MP racing dump
Chassis/Controls Mods (i.e. suspension, brakes, clip-ons, etc.):
-Pazzo shorty levers
-CP adjustable shift lever
-GP shift conversion
-Hotbodies dual radius smoked windscreen
-audi lights
-badges removed
-black powdercoated passenger pegs
-ebay fender eliminator
- CF yamaha tank pad
-flushmount turnsignals
-Yamaha no cut frame sliders

i've ridden motocross since i was probably 14, and i've always wanted a sportbike but could never get one because i was still under my parents roof. To pass the time i owned a few heavily modded cars, and then a few months ago i sold my nitrous powered 350z in order to buy this bike. i dont regret it for a second


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Corey's over in the other thread tryin' to bump his way to a win so I figured I'd give the guys over here a fighting chance. Soooo.....BUMP!

Dangerously Irish
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I hate ROTM it's to hard to choose a single bike.:fact
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