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Set of sharkskinz 07/06 fiberglass race fairings w/ american flag vinyl wrap cheap

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We were just given the notice we are to be moved out by April 1st due to the owner selling our place. I’m trying to consolidate my racing shtuff and have 4 sets of body work. I’m offing 1 for now. 07/06 r6 Sharkskins complete set of Bodywork – Took a light right side hit in Turn 6 at HPR back when the tar snakes were fresh, never repaired, but could mount up tomorrow if need be, has an extremely expensive vinyl flag wrap ($800+) on it (that no longer is expensive looking in that spot), had a few minor repairs previously, flag wrap was on there for one season.. $200 plus shipping for the set or make an offer! Pickup for free…

If you go look around you understand sharskinz are near a grand new…


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Sorry about that... I'm in Colorado. I will say its around $90to ship a set...just shipped a few sets off an SV and R1...
Ugh...why can't these be 08+...
I wish they fit an 08+ I'd have snatched them up :(

Glws nic!
Price Reduced 100 bucks.... I have ran 08 + on my bike and 07 down on a 2012, all you need is to change your front stay/intake, trim your rear subframe tabs, and that's it. Not really worth i guess just for body work.
PM sent.

All PMs replied to.. Have a fellow claiming to buy them this evening. I will delete unless he changes his mind.


PM sent
Gone and sold. Thank you.
If you decide to sell another set please send me a pm......thanks
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