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Which one should i get for my son? He has been bugging me about getting him a bigger bicycle. He has those 12"'ers he is outgrowing.
I thought of getting him those BMX but I saw this at Wal-Mart for $120.00!
Made by Schwinn and re-releasing the Classic "Sting Ray"! :cheers
Schwinn also offers lifetime warranty. I heard that thes bikles are just released and are pretty much going to be collectors items! Saw them on Ebay selling for over $200+! Any help or inputs are appreciated.

Schwinn Site: [ur]http://www.schwinnstingray.com/bike-hotrod.html[/url]
Wal-Mart: http://www.walmart.com/catalog/prod...type=5&dept=4171&path=0:4171:61903:61904:4182

I also check the Wal-Mart website and it seems West Coast Choppers (Jesse James) is also coming out with his own line of kids Chopper Bikes!
The drawback is this will be $170. And I like the Schwinn's fatter rear tire although the this one has the classic chopper look to it.


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I really dig the WCC bike! he would look like a total bad ass on that! but i guess alot of it depends on what kind of riding he wants to do. if he wants to go over little jumps and shit you'd be better of getting a standard issue bmx bike but if he just wants to cruise the neighborhood pickin up chics like the little pimp he is, then get him the WCC bike. He'd prolly dig the WCC one since it's a "motorcycle" like his daddy has.

but to be perfectly honest, he'll like which ever one you get him cuz it came from you!

post up pics of him on his bike when you get it for him!

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i say get a cheap one for now. just so you dont mind if he trashes it around. then when he gets older you could get him a bmx/freestyle bike. by that time he should be into speed and big ramps and wheelies. or you could be the ultimate dad and go for the 65cc dirtbike.
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