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Short Exhaust Looking Good

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Basically i think this exhaust looks awsome!

An the can shape and look is very similar to my carbon can co. exhaust so im considering cutting it down. has any1 attemped this b4 or is there a how to thread about that i cant seem to find? I think this type of exhaust rele tidies up the rear end and exsentuates the height of the back.

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just cut it, drill out the pop rivets, put can end on sprill new holes through the can to match up with the end put the metal band back around and pop rivet it all together. easy project
Would i still need the linking pipe? or just attach the can to the pipes coming directly from the manifold? im just wandering if the angle would be right or if it would hit the plastics. If i dont need the linking pipe things would be much easier, just gota work out how to cut down the can, dont think it could be that hard.
im not sure i just kept my mid pipe, just made the exhaust shorter. make sure you put take on the carbon fiber area ur gonna cut to keep it a smooth cut
I gota take sum measurments this weekend then if i decide to go through with it il take sum pics an post them up in this thread, cheerz 4 the help!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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