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Side lights and remotes

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Hi Guys,
I've got a '02 R6. I was wondering what it would take to get the side lights on it working. At the moment they do nothing. The bulbs are in there and when I remove the plastic at the back of them I can see the wires lead to somewhere just below and behind the speedometer. I even have a switch position for the sidelights on the right handlebar above the starter. Any ideas what I can do to get them working? The bulbs look fine and aren't broken.
Also, what do you guys do about your gate remotes? Has anyone done a mod to mount the remote in the bike and wired a switch somewhere?

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i was thinking of adding a switch for the garage door on mine. i haven't done it yet but i was planning on just hidding the remote inside and adding a switch to the dash.
Anyone done this? Or got the sidelights to work?
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