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This may be a really dumb question but this is my first bike so I need some help. I wrecked my 04 r6 and the whole headlight/windscreen part broke off but the electrical wires were still connected and the bike still ran fine. I unplugged them to work on it and when i plugged them back up the bike won't start, like the push button start does nothing. Any ideas?

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look for the obvious first everything plugged in triple check
triple check your fuse

got a digital volt meter?

check for
12v @ battery
12v to start switch
12v to switch output with the switch pressed
12v to starter relay
12v to starter

is there continuity in the switch
can you "jump" the starter (only if you know how to do this )
make sure its in neutral

get back @ me

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first of all, was the ignition on when you plugged it back in?,
you may of just blown a fuse.
are you saying that you have lights and everything but the starter button does'nt work?
that could be that the ecu is not getting any power.
check for spark and check fuel pump primes when the ignition turned on, if none of these things happen then you have lost your ecu unit for some reason. it might just not be getting power because of a fuse or you could of lost the ecu to the craSH ??
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