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whats goin on guys, been a while since ive posted on here. But yeah, i got my first bike back in may. it is an 02 R6. Winter time is here so im lookin to do some mods to it while i have time. I bought it off someone (obviously) so i got few questions regarding 02 r6 exhaust.

1. the exhaust is a micron and how can i tell whether the exhaust is a slip on with stock headers or it is full exhaust? i cant tell by sound or performance because i have no way to compare it too.

2. I kinda like how it sounds but it is beat it and discolored? lol so i might look into a new exhaust for this riding season, what exhaust will get the best sound on a non-fuel injected bike? is the micron one of the best choices? i might just buy a new micron, same one i have on.
i was looking at two brothers, yoshi and of course micron slip ons.

3. painting the exhaust, bad idea? because maybe its the cosmetics that bother me with it.

thanks alot..and sorry for the noob question.
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