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slip on type exhaust

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aloha, i am planning on purchasing a new 03 R6 in a few weeks. i read alot about aftermarket exhausts and other accessories on this site. i have a few questions i hope you guys could answer.

i was planning on purchasing the high mount Devil slip on exhaust.

if i install this item will i have to remap the computer?

if so what is the best method? Powercommander?

should i wait until the engine is broken in, before installing the exhaust?

actually what is the milage of a broken in engine? 1000 miles?

i hoping you riders out there could help me out.
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RIGHT ON STONE!!!! now that looks sick as hell, despite how I don't like high and undertail mounts. Too bad we can't ride for one last time this weekend since I have to ship my baby out this Froday for the Big Island. I sure am gonna miss the twisties of Haleakala crater, cuz you know... no where else on the Hawaiian chain will that ride up there ever compare to. I have been scouting out the roads on the big island and there pretty much long sweepers and miles of straight aways, if you know of certain places over there you need to let me know. Aloha Bra.... Hey the good thing is it's one less R6 w/ a flame job on MAui. LOL
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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