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I went to the track on friday to try and beat my previous best time of 7.02. I wanted a 6.99999999 so bad i think i made around 25 passes lol. The temp was in the 50s, worst slip a 7.2 a bunch of 7.1xs a few 7.0xx. My best pass:

60ft: 1.78
1/8th mile: 7.005
mph: 103

I was so frustrated but i guess not too bad for a stock bike with 21,000 miles. Only thing I have done is cut the stock pipe 6ins replaced the tires, changed the oil, got rid of the factory mud flap. No suspension mods the bike is stock height. I know changing the spark plugs and cleaning out the filter or just getting a new filter will help hopefully get me that extra .006 that I need to reach my goal.
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