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well ill be the fist to post some events down here in socal ... i got this from my boy john from www.socalrpm.com heres some upcoming events ..

Well it's that time of year again! The Sportbike season is in full swing!!! So many events going on, I thought I'd do a blast to help get the word out.

Bike Night Out 2 - July 10th, Blue Fin, Moterey California - SoCalRPM Sponsored
Just wanted to let everyone know that's going Laguna Seca races in Monterey July 9-11 that Bike Night Out 2 is making a return, Sat July 10th!!! Don't worry about missing any of the action because the Blue Fin is conviently located right on Cannery Row!! You can expect more of the same with the latest in Stunt Videos, a fashion show featuring the models of Umbrella Girls USA as well as some of our SoCal girls, giveaways and more!!! Also look for the world premiere of the SoCalRPM clothing line.
Bike Night Out 2 is Part of MotorcyclerUSA.com's Superbike Weekend Fan Party at the Blue Fin.
For the latest information keep checking www.bikenightout.com

Super Street Bike Magazine
Bike Night Out I was featured in Super Street Bike Magazine! Aslo if some of you didn't know I now Freelance for the magazine so keep an eye out for articles and pictures of your favorite SoCal Bikes and girls! Super Street Bike Magazine will also be covering Bike Night Out 2 so smile big when I come around with the camera!

Mini Motard Races June 26-27th - SoCalRPM Sponsored
How many of you have bought one of those pocketbikes? Now what? No place to ride them? Well thanks to G of Sic Riders and Rotten Inc, there is a race weekend featuring Pocket Bike and Motard XR/CRF50 races! It's a track at Amago, La Jolla Indian land on June 26-27th. This event is getting big and if you even thought about buying a mini bike, come out and see what the craze is all about.

Return to Rosarito July 2-3rd - SoCalRPM Sponsored
It's back!! Club Iggys Moto Fest Rosarito Mexico July 2-3. That's right spend the 4th of July weekend in a foreign country. If any of you went to Spring Break you know that Burn Films does NOT disappoint when it comes to a crazy weekend. Spring Break was OFF THE HOOK and I'm sure the Moto Fest will be the same. What's in store? A custom bike show, Freestyle motoX, Stunt Show and a Bikini contest!!

3rd Annual All-Girl Ride July 23rd - SoCalRPM Sponsored

This event is hosted annually to promote female sportbiker riders in the community.

Bike Nights
Tuesdays - SoCalRPM Sponsored
The girls of Motochicka are hosting a bike night every Tuesday in North Hollywood at Marcello's Italian Restaurant. Help support those business that support bikers.

Saturdays - SoCalRPM Sponsored
The Sugar Honey Lounge in the City of Industry is hosting a Biker Night Every Saturday night at 17351 E GALE AVE CITY OF INDUSTRY CA 91748. FOR INFO CALL 626-965-4700

June 22nd.
Spectrum Motorsports will have our first bike night of the year on Tuesday, June 22nd from 5:30 PM till 8:00 PM. Two hot dogs and a soda for a buck. Music and lot's of give aways!

Other Events:
June 18-20

Spectrum Honda / Polaris will be holding their largest sales in the history of Spectrum Motorsports this Father's day weekend, Thursday through Saturday. All parts and accessories in stock will be reduced with some items marked down as much as 80%. No lay aways and no discounts on special order items. Motorcycles, ATV's, and watercraft will be priced aggresively as well.

July 18th - SoCalRPM Sponsored
Platinum Ryders 2nd Annual Beach Bash
Come join Platinum Ryders motorcycle club for our 2nd annual Beach Bash! There will be food and fun for everyone. Events will include: Sexiest girl in a bikini on a bike contest ($$$), Bikini bike wash, Male hard body contest,Football & Volleyball, Live music by DJ Ben Baller Surprise celebrity guests.
There will also be giveaways of various motorcycle accessories. If you missed last years event, you definitely want to be there this year.
All motorcycle clubs are welcome.

July 24th
OCEA is inviting all motorcycle riders to join County Employees and their family and friends on a fun ride through the canyons and along the coast of Orange County. Join us in supporting our community and helping to raise money for the American Heart Association

New Sponsored Racers/Stunters
Please welcome the following addtions to the SoCal Family
Melissa "Icky" Paris
CCS and WSMC Racer

Teri Gorrell
CCS, Motard, Dirt, 50 Racer
Teri's race page is coming soon. Teri does WAY more then just race for us. She's also the Fashion Director for Bike Night Out and the coolest chick in SoCal.

Kaycee Mayhew
While not SoCal yet, she's the first female Stunter for SoCalRPM to sponsor.
More "model" and stunt photos to be posted soon.

Warren Jamez
Stunt Rider
Photos/page coming soon
FYI - This is just the newest riders, not the complete list.

Oh yes, can't forget all the lovely ladies of SoCalRPM. They just keep coming and coming. Due in large part to a guy named Kim Riley of ImagesbyKim.net. Be sure and keep a close on Kim's corner for the next SoCal RPM beauty.

That's it for now.... Let's remember to support those that support riders.

SoCal's Sportbike News and Events

SoCalRPM is proud to have the following sponsors and friends:
Russ Brown http://www.sportbikelaw.com/
SiK50's http://www.kingracingusa.com/
Cal-Sportbike http://www.calsportbike.com/
Sportbike Track Time http://www.sportbiketracktimecom/
2nd Look http://www.second-look.com/
Winex Helmets http://www.winexhelmets.com/
Shock Racing http://www.shockracing.com/
SoCal Track Days http://www.socaltrackdays.com/
All Out Graphics http://alloutgraphics.com/
Images by Kim http://www.imagesbykim.net/
KIP Swimwear http://www.kipswimsuits.com/
GP Star http://www.gpstar.net/
GPR Stabilizers http://www.gprstabilizer.com/
After Shocks Suspension http://www.aftershocks-suspension.com/
Color Zone Designs http://www.colorzonedesigns.com/

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Im definitely gonna go to sugar honey lounge. I talked to a buddy of mine and he said that spot is cool. Gzer tribe always shows up and they are cool with me. Hopefully, some r6forum peeps can show up one night.

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no i ended up working till like nine last night sucked but I could use the over time but I definetly want to go next week. I start my new job next week and the hours are different so I wont have to work late I'll be there next week hopefully with guys from up here. How was it Lewd?

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It looked crappy just north of Ventura so I thought it might have been sprinkling or really cold or something in your area :)
The night was a little slower than usual but the last few before this were really big!
I might have school on Thursdays so I dont know if/when I will be hitting up VCBN again :(

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yeah it was a shitty night weather wise kinda cold for riding to ventura but that wasnt what stopped me oh well tho maybe I'll see there sometime if you dont have school

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you guys are going at nine right ? I dont think I'll be able to make it that early cuz I'm goingt to the 311 , LIT concert tonight and I'm gettin wasted so I dont think I'll be fellin up to getttin up at 700 or so. Do you guys go every saturday cuz I really want to riding with some peeps, the people here just like to cruz around tow and stuff.

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hooters blows. i got pissed off the first time i went there. most of them were fugly and those pants hld their asses higher then they actually are. their legs aren't even real skin it's meterial. gay. :cuss
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