On a long trip up thru New England my gen1's engine started eating itself. With no reasonable way to make it home I signed over the bike to a motorsports dealer and got a rental car home- so my R6 is gone... It leaves some spare parts behind, perhaps they will be of use to others here. I'm selling things cheap since my next bike will be something else... Local pickup is fine, if shipping please add postage we agree on to the price.

Race fairings, the 1st owner raced the bike when it was new but I never used them so I don't know if everything is there ie fasteners - FREE Note the extra right-side OEM fairing panel- also free if you want it, decals are good.

Motor vehicle Grass Automotive lighting Automotive tire Plant

OEM levers, note rash on the brake lever - FREE

Textile Grey Floor Flooring Wood

OEM exhaust- low miles for sure, the 1st owner put a Hindle system on - FREE

Wood Grass Plant Revolver Soil

OEM 7 degree clipons, I replaced them with 0 degree helibars which sadly went with the bike... FREE

Azure Sleeve Textile Wood Grey

OEM left fairing filler panel - an ebay purchase I was going to experiment with mounting a datalogger- can't do it now alas.... - FREE

Grey Tool Musical instrument Metal Composite material

I think this is the OEM shock- 1st owner put a Penske in place. Note the cushion is rotted- condition or fit of the shock is unknown, it was in the box-of-parts which came with the bike - FREE

Gas Auto part Cylinder Metal Electric blue

I believe these are the OEM fork springs- don't know anything about them - FREE

Textile Wood Flooring Font Road surface