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RIP Daniel.
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Well, it's been some good years with this machine. It was time to part with this particular one until the purchase of another. Sold it for a solid deal. Bike OD read 40k, though the bike was geared and also had a motor rebuild after 22K miles due to a chain snap and cracking the lower crank assembly. Went ahead and had the dealership install new rings and a list full of other things inside. Bike still ran like a champ after all the miles put down. New Clutch kit, new levers, new brake pads, new-ish tires, new head lights, fresh oil, new chain. Bike was always in the garage and kept up with. Had one fall over which created a small crack in the upper front fairing. Had a mid-pipe from MJS w/Delkevic wide mouth can,BMC Race air filter,520 conversion kit with -1 front tooth,shorty levers,JB Pro with multiple maps. Best map made 118whp. New Battery also. White/Red edition, though it was plasti dipped. Helped keep the plastics clean once it was peeled off ( which is being done today )

Sold for 2550.00$ It's been fun.


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