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Special Offers from Wolf

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If this is inappropriate please let me know and I wont do it again but I thought I'd do some decent deals for people here as there has been a fair bit of interest.

So - under seats for the 03 as I said in another thread we can do at £695 ($1050)

Underseat for the 00-02 (these are a different design to the ne wones so check out www.wolfracing.co.uk) - £695 ($1050)

Standard level silencers:

Oval carbon or titanium slip ons - normally £229 we can do at £199 here (that's $310)

Fender Eliminator Kits - fit 01/02/03 - normally £49 ($89) but here at £34 ($59) - again see www.wolfracing.co.uk for details
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Do you have rough ideas for shipping costs for the various products?
2 questions about your fender elimanator.
1. is there a light that shines on the license plate?
2. what would shipping be from england to chicago?
wolf. i`m coming down to your company on monday,as long as the weather is ok. want to take a closer look at the underseat.is it the one in wendover?who do i ask for?
Shipping on cans is $45 by DHL and on seat pipes is about $100

Shipping on Fender Elims is about $8 by airmail

There is no separate light on the fender elim for the number plate - we find enough comes off the tail light to do the job.
Bravo - we're a mail order company mate - we don't have a shop - just the factory and we can't really have visitors there. If you give me a call on Monday we can work something out if you want to see them first - call 0870 741 0667
ok mate, i`ll ring u then,but i`d really like to c it first
No problem - I will have one on my bike for some studio shots next week so you'll be able to see and hear it in the flesh...
Do you have additional pics of the undertail exhaust on the 03 R6?
about the only one on the site so far but when the studios shots come out, he'll post them...

Oh man I love those things....... :hump :boob :hump :boob
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those underseat exhausts are really cool. if i had the money i'd definately have to get me one. how do they sound?
They sound very deep and about as loud as a normal slip on - but sooo much deeper
How many decibels to they register if you know? You should get your bike on a dyno and video it so that everyone can see more of what they look like and hear them under wide open throttle at load!
Not that clever I'm afraid - getting video on to PC defeats me!

They register 101 dB though
101 db! Everyone will know you are coming cuz you'll be howling like a Wolf! :roll :boob :jump

As for the video, DJ can walk you through!
hey WOLF!

is there an email address i can reach you or a phone #. I wanna buy.
reds, just email [email protected] or if you want you can buy online at www.wolfracing.co.uk - to get the dea just mention it in the goods box of the order form - it's processed manually so I'll be reading it...
Your cans are very pretty.. :)

I was wondering what kind of warranty they come with? I'm new and not sure if there is an industry standard?

All our cans come with an unconditional lifetime warranty
Wolf flame me if this is retarded but do you / can you make a high mount exhaust for 02 r6.
:stupic :poke
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