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I commute about 1000 miles a month and will be needing new tires soon. I'm on the Dunlop Q's and they are o.k., but I want more miles out of my tires. Most of what I ride is in a straight line on the HOV lane, but I like to get out on the weekends and lean it over too. (No trackdays yet)

The idea of these dual compound tires really appeals to me because I get mileage + performance. Is it possible to get 8K+ out of these tires without sacrificing too much grip?

Anyone have experience with either the Pliot Road 2 or the Roadsmart?

Michelins are a little more expensive than the Dunlops, but if the extra $30 buys me a much better set of tires I will go for it.


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The mileage depends on you and the roads you ride on. For example, I can get about 8,000 miles out of a set of Pilot Powers without too much trouble, but there are some guys who can only manage 2,000 miles with the same bike.

Another newer sport-touring tire you may want to look at is the Bridgestone BT021. It also uses the dual compound.

Everything I have read about the newer ST tires says that they are absolutely fabulous. They last a lot longer due to the harder center and they have lots of grip from the softer sides. They can handle a novice trackday without any fuss, though I wouldn't use them for intermediate...

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My choice would be the michelin road 2.

A mate uses his bike everyday, covers loads of miles, its a cb600.
In his words:

Michelin road 2, excellent grip in the wet and dry, very high miles (over 10,000) very good tyre this one.

Dunlop road smart, got these because they were cheap, kinda sums up this tyre really, grip is good, mileage is good, but nothing special.

Bridgestone 021, good grip in the dry, but in the wet nothing like the michelins, white lines makes the bike move around, general nervous feeling from the bike in the wet, mileage is good (8,000).

Must note, these are on a cb600, not my r6, so take that into account.
Plus the rider, is very experianced, raced 500 2 strokes at one stage, i trust what he says, others might have diffrent views, this is just what he told me.

Hope it helps you make a choice.
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