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hi there

i was just wondering if anyone knows if a standard 06/07 r6 exhaust can be modified to fit onto a 1999 r6 in the style that its fitted to 06 and 07 r6,s?

i know it can be done on an 03 r6 onwards as ive been reading the thread on sportbikes.net but i havent actually found any pics or information to tell me this can be done on a 99-02 despite searching,ive asked the question on sportbikes.net but no one has even bothered to answer after a week of waiting.

ive just bought an 06 exhaust from ebay and im waiting for it arriving so i guess ile find out soon enough anyway but if anyone could have given any info on this matter ide appreciate it.

ps could anyone give me the measurements of the 06 exhaust in length/width/depth please?

please give any info.


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