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how do, im an r6 forum newbie, and currently have an rs125 (dont take the p**s) and am wandering whether the r6 has any restrictions in power as standard, eg cdi?, air box?, etc. i know about the fitting of a v stacks throttle stop increasing hp, but was wandering about any others. My dads got an r6 and trying to get him to tune it up a bit :D. My rs had a restriction in the cdi meaning a flat spot between 5500-6500 rpm and was wandering whether the r6 had anything simalar. i had to cut a bride in the cdi and re silocone. Thanks for helping and some day im hoping to get my own r6 soon. I want a carb'ed model though, eg.99 or somet.

i heard the handling can be twitchy on the early model r6 any truth to it? i currently have my forks put through the yokes 10mm anyway on my rs and its a quick handling bike to start with, what will be the main difference?

Thanks alot,

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