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Stator wire melted

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Hi guys,

Coming into work this morning noticed a boring plastic smell. Then some point later noticed my battery voltage was low. When I got to work found the source of the smell. My stator wire had melted. Any idea why?
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It seems like just one of the wires is melted on the harness but all three on the stator. Should I try cutting them and wiring up so atleast I can get home?

Also stator is an aftermarket one from a reputable company was £140 I belive. I installed it probably about 10 months ago been working great since. Also same time I changed the rectifier to an OEM

Help much appreciated.
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well you'll get multiple different answers here. most of which will be "they are always done in pairs" or something to that extent. to my knowledge of electrical circuits, the only safe way to verify you are good to after swapping out the stator is actively monitoring the charging system at all times, as the issue could happen after riding. the only way i can think of is semi-hard wiring a volt meter to the battery and monitoring the charging voltage.... but I'm not 100% sure that will show how much the stator is outputting.
I had similar problem with charging system and installed simple volt meter with a on/off switch to stop draining battery when not riding. (£10) eBay.

It will show you normal battery voltage and charging voltage during ride.

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